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Accidents on the rise and they cost

… in pain and misery for those who are injured and to businesses and the economy. 

There was a decrease in the number of workers killed at work – down to 111 for 2019/2020 – but worryingly this figure has climbed again to 142 for the 12 months ending in March of this year. It is quite possible that due to the focus on Covid-19 arrangements and some time away on furlough that day-to-day safety practices may have lapsed.

On a brighter note, the UK still has the lowest rates of fatal work -related injuries in Europe. 

In monetary terms the annual cost of all this work-related injury and ill heath was £16,200,000,000 about the cost of five new aircraft carriers. 

Given these figures it must make sense for every business to make a modest financial investment into the health and safety of their employees.

Funding sensible and proportionate measures to keep workers and others affected by your work safe will produce dividends in the form of reduced incident rates, healthier workers and compliance with the law. 

Don’t be complacent when it comes to your workplace health and safety.  Contact us if you would like straight-talking pragmatic safety advice.

Take a look at the summary of the 2020 statistics from the HSE.  See their PDF here. We will update with 2021 figures when they are available.