Need on-going support to ensure that Health and Safety is at the heart of your business?

Increased risks? More employees?


Our experienced, qualified Health and Safety professionals work with your Health and Safety managers, providing advice and support.



SoPro Safety Advice 


Our Advice option always starts with a Compliance Assessment Audit –  this allows us to assess the risks and controls in your workplace, review your procedures and compliance and report to you with a priority plan.


Following the Compliance Assessment Audit we work with you to put in place a customised Advice package


Typically this will include

  • Site visits, safety tours, observations and interviews
  • Feedback and advice to named Health and Safety contact
  • Drafting of documentation  – procedures, standards, working practices, risk assessments
  • Workplace involvement  – safety committees, training, toolbox talks



For Start-ups and businesses with no existing documentation


Add our “KICK START” Option 


Carry out assessments of the risks of your business

Plan a safe system of work

Draft Health and Safety documentation

Advice and assistance in implementing your Health and Safety procedures