Risks Live!


Bringing Health and Safety in the workplace ALIVE

SoPro Safety introduces an innovative simulation exercise


Highlights the risks, controls and procedures in your business, event or organisation

Evaluates their effectiveness

Tests awareness throughout the workforce

Tests your emergency procedures


The Result

Aids Health and Safety planning and development

Encourages compliance

Promotes employee involvement

Instills good working practices

Enforces regular review

Reduces avoidable incidents which lead to loss of profit, production and reputation.

Improves responses to unavoidable incidents


Course Facilitators

Our course facilitators are a unique blend of specialists working in Health and Safety, Crisis Management, Communications Strategy and the media.

They each have many years of experience in their fields and of the myriad of challenges faced by companies or organisations when unplanned incidents occur.


How it works:

Venue: Your workplace.

Number of people: 4 – 12

Prior to Risks Live we develop realistic scenarios based on your workplace activities, risks and controls

Delegates are then placed in a dynamic, hands-on table top environment –  dealing with risks, hazards, incidents and their outcomes.

With on-going feedback from experienced professionals delegates gain valuable insight into your risk assessments, emergency procedures and reporting –  producing an effective evaluation of your procedures which can then be documented as part of a review process.

This course is unique – it includes often overlooked aspects of incidents occurring in the workplace – investigation and reputation.

Our Health and Safety professionals combine with communication and crisis specialists to lead the delegates through live investigation simulations, interview and reporting exercises.


Benefits of Risks Live

Risks Live is a bespoke course suitable for any business, event or organization.

Low risk businesses are often the least likely to undertake appropriate reviews and updates of their Health and Safety procedures. This course acts as an effective element of your annual review whilst helping to embed a Health and Safety culture in your workplace.

Larger businesses, and those with medium risk, can use this exercise not only to review Health and Safety policy and provisions but to review procedures and assess their implementation.

It acts as a pre-investigation tool, helping to emphasise and embed Health and Safety in the workplace.

High Risk and large organisations need to regularly test their incident readiness and procedures. This table top exercise is a valuable, cost and time-effective ingredient in business planning

At all levels Risks Live aids with leadership communication and teambuilding skills.


Each course is based on the risks and size of business, event or organisation.

Courses are tailor made the to fit your needs and budget.

Who should attend?

Attendees include senior director(s)/duty holders, operational department heads, safety staff, site manager(s) and those concerned with reputational management such as legal counsel or the head of PR/communications.


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