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Event Safety for Jagex Ltd

SoPro Safety were delighted to once again support Jagex Ltd with event safety advice and assurance this year.

Each year the talented events team produce a huge scale recreation of parts of their massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called RunScape for their community  It is an event for the community to mix with friends and the game’s developers in a colourful environment.  The venue used was Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre for the second year running.

2019 was a pre-historic and archaeological theme

The space was populated with physical elements of the virtual game including a functioning volcano!  Guests were invited to an awards night to start the event with celebrations and recognition by the community of the community’s popular bloggers.  On the second day there were physical challenges to win tokens, presentations about forthcoming elements in the game’s development, a 200 PC ‘LAN’  as well as classical party components for all to enjoy.

SoPro Safety provided planning support and on-site assurance to keep contractors, staff and guests safe at the event.